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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Process and method for Configuration status accounting

Incomplete capability

  • No documented process or method exists for configuration status accounting

  • Configuration status accounting is not at all performed or is performed in an arbitrary manner.

  • Understanding the purpose and scope of configuration status accounting.

  • Applying the theorietical concept of configuration status accounting to real scenarios, such as current place of work.

Managed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions exists for configuration status accounting, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

  • Configuration status accounting is performed in a structured manner to some degree.

Performed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions for configuration status accounting provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • Configuration status accounting is performed with satisfying results.

Configuration Status Accounting is the process of supporting program/project activities including, program management, systems engineering, manufacturing, software development and maintenance, logistic support, modification, and product maintenance, by ensuring that:

  • Information about the product and product configuration information is captured, correlated, stored, and maintained as the product evolves through all phases of its life cycle

  • Current, accurate information concerning change decisions, design changes, variances, investigations of design problems, warranties, and shelf and operating life calculations is retrievable

  • The complete collection of product configuration information is organized, indexed and readily available

  • Current and historical configurations of the product, including part identifiers and product configuration information identifiers for specifications, engineering drawings, and part models, are accurately determinable and traceable

  • Users have the capability to access configuration-related information and to analyze, assess, compare, determine status, and create reports

  • Information is accurately related to the exact applicable version/revision of the product and to configuration baselines



CMplus assets
  • Process description for status accounting

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