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CMplus will help you establish and implement a needs-based and realistic timeplan


We invite you to do a self assessment by comparing your current CM function against the capability levels defined for each component in the CMplus model. Using this as input, together with your identified challanges and needs, we pursue a pre-study that further analyze the gap between current and needed capability and results in a roadmap for your CM capability development.

The development of your organisation follows an iterative process where each iteration adds new pieces to the CM capability. Typically the development involves competence development, tools adoption, enhanced procedures, standardization of terminology, concepts and clarifications of roles and responsibilities.



Why Syntell

Syntell is a Sweden based consulting and education company focusing on lifecycle management of complex systems. Core competences are Systems Engineering, Support System Engineering, Requirements Management and Configuration Management. Syntell has extensive experience of supporting and training supplier as well as procurement organizations.

With our broad understanding och system lifecycle management and many years of experiences of putting Configuration Management theory to practical use in various contexts, we can train, support and coach you through your CM capability development.

Balancing the capability against the need for CM

Generally needs for CM can be identified in a business-, organisational-, and product context.

When setting the objectives for your CM capability it is important to keep in mind that the capability, as defined in the CMplus model, must be balanced against the needs for CM in your organisation. 

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