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Your challenge - making Configuration Management work

Capturing and keeping track of changes is a difficult task, but essential for effective systems lifecycle management. Doing this well, requires much more than a tool. A tool only helps you if it contains the right information and supports your methodology. Your methodology only helps you if it is linked to your process. And your process only helps you if it supports an adequate information flow. If you need to keep control of the information associated with your products and its configurations, you need a full capability for configuration management that covers all these aspects to make it work.


Our approach - integrated CM capability development through CMplus 

The contributing elements to the CM capability can be found in various areas:

  • Regulatory documents

  • Organization, roles, responsibilities and skills

  • The process and methods

  • Information management and concepts

  • The available information technology


Elements of the CM capability are probably already in  your organization. But in different ways and without any clear connection which means that the combined effect is not what it should be. CMplus combines all of the necessary aspects in one integrated solution for configuration management. This includes standards based processes, best practices, information models for data exchange and tool integration, training packages and a support concept that ranges from particular activities to a turn-key outsourcing solution.


CMplus, has been successfully implemented in both procuring organizations and in the supplier industry. It is the collected standards and best practices from more than a decade of experiences in an acquirer/supplier context.


The reasoning behind CMplus

With CMplus we offer you a structured approach to reaching a scalable Configuration Management capability that integrates Governance, Processes and Methods, Information management and IT combined with Competence and Organisational development. The basis for CMplus is a capability model that captures the interdependencies between five generic pillars for an organisational capability as illustrated in the figure below.


Each capability component can be evaluated and developed by means of defined capability levels, Incomplete/managed/performed capability. For each component learning objectives are also defined. This means an evaluation of your organisation using CMplus will not only give you an overview of which subsets of your capability that need to be developed, but also clear objectives for your competence development.


With CMplus we have defined what we believe are the crucial components that build each capability pillar. You can access descriptions about each component through the component overview.

To support you in your capability development by means of CMplus, our process takes you through a series of steps, starting with your own mapping and evaluation. Read more here.

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