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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Process tailoring

Incomplete capability

  • No process tailoring guidelines exist

  • Defined processes are not at all tailored or are tailored in an arbitrary manner.

  • Knowledge about what process tailoring is and how it can be implemented

  • Applying the concept of process tailoring to real scenarios, such as current place of work.

Performed capability

  • Process tailoring guidelines exists, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

  • Processes are tailored in a structured manner to some degree.

Managed capability

  • Process and/or method for process tailoring guidelines provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • Processes are tailored with satisfying results.

Process tailoring allows controlled changes to processes due to the specific needs of a project or a part of the organization.


Processes and process elements that are directly related to critical objectives should usually be defined as mandatory, but some processes or process elements may also be allowed for tailoring. Reasons can be that they:

  • are less critical

  • only indirectly affect objectives

  • sets the equilibrium of quality/cost/time parameters of balance


The tailoring could also depend on the acquirer-supplier relationship.

Flexibility might be needed to adapt to the nature of the customer or supplier. Other aspects that call for flexibility are the technical difficulty of the work and the experience of the people implementing the process.

Nevertheless, consistency across the organization is needed so that organizational standards, objectives, and strategies are appropriately addressed, and process data and lessons learned can be shared.


Process tailoring guidelines can include:

  • criteria and guidelines for using a standard process “as is,” with no tailoring.

  • rules for modyfieing, replacing or reordering process elements

  • rules for when paricular variants of processes are to be used

  • Project- or organisational decisionpoints necessary to go through before using a process



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