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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Ownership of the CM process

Incomplete capability

  • The process is non existing or unclear. The ownership is vague.


  • Realize the importance of ownership and understand what ownership means.

Performed capability

  • Defined process and identified ownership, but without clear interfaces to other processes in the organisation.

With a defined ownership of the CM process:

  • The mandate to maintain, develop and approve changes of the process is clear.

  • Accountablility is assigned for the process' scope and effectivity in relation to the business goals.

  • Responsibility is assigned to secure that the CM process is in conformance with other processes (such as development processes, verification and validation processes, quality processes, agreement processes etc.).


Ownership is usually assigned to a role in the organisation.


Managed capabilty

  • Well defined process with a clear ownership. Interfaces with other processes are clear.

CMplus assets
  • Ownership management description

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