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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Process and method for CM planning

Incomplete capability

  • CM planning is not performed or only partially performed

  • CM plans are not generated

  • CM plans are generated but not used

  • Being able to describe the purpose and scope of CM Planning

  • Understanding the prerequisites necessary to perform CM planning

  • Being able to produce a CM plan tailored to the needs and preconditions of a specific system life cycle, system engineering approach and system of interest

Performed capability

  • CM planning is executed according to a policy

  • CM plans are tailored according to tailoring guidelines and offer support to the users and stakeholders

Managed capabilty

  • CM plans are generated at specified lifecycle stages, but offers limited support to the users and stakeholders

CM planning for the life cycle of a product is essential to achieve an effective, predictable, and repeatable CM process.

Comprehensive CM planning includes:

  • Applying the appropriate level of CM functions throughout the product’s life cycle

  • Implementing adequate CM policies and procedures

  • Assigning CM functional responsibilities to various organisational elements

  • Training of personnel with CM responsibilities and other CM stakeholders

  • Selecting and applying adequate resources, including CM software tools, competences etc

  • Establishing CM performance indicators to serve as a basis for continuous improvement

  • Assuring supplier's Configuration Management

  • Documenting the results of planning activities in a CM Plan

CMplus assets
  • Process description for CM planning

  • Template and guidelines for CM plan

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