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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
CM goals and strategy

Incomplete capability

  • Goals and strategy have not been defined.

  • Goals and strategy can be derived from existing steering documentation but are not in coherence with current way of performing CM.


  • Knowledge about typical goals for CM performance

Performed capability

  • To a certain extend, goals and strategy for CM can be derived from existing steering documentation.

  • Goals are partly adequate and relevant and the strategy is followed to a certain extent.

Managed capability

  • Defined goals and strategy for CM exists.

  • Goals are adequate and serves a relevant purpose for the organisation.

  • Relevant stakeholders adhere to the strategy to contribute to achieveing the goals.

An established goal (or goals) for the organisation's CM performance is the justification for why and how the organisation conducts CM. The goal should correspond to the organisations business case for CM and by using defined indicators be possible to base evaluation against.

The strategy should be a description of tactics, a high level plan or road map that indicates what the organisation does to achieve the goals and what resources that are needed.

CMplus assets
  • Standardized goals possible to tailor for a specific organisation.

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