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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
IT-systems integration
  • Understanding the purpose and scope of IT system integrations.

Performed capability

  • Restricted IT- systems with configuration information are possible to connect by a significant work effort by a architecture for Integrations system by system.

  • The integrations are based on software dependent exchange/access formats for restricted parts of configuration information not defined by appropriate concepts.

  • The integrations provide a manually and significant delayed access to restricted configuration information in integrated IT-systems.


Managed capability

  • All desired IT- systems with configuration information is possible to easy connect by a architecture for Integrations.

  • The integrations are based on open information standards that covers all needed configuration information clearly defined by appropriate concepts.

  • The integrations provide a automatically and real time access to all configuration information in all integrated IT-systems.


Configuration Information are often created and managed in different IT-systems, e.g. a requirements database, a PDM-system, a configuration management tool, a technical documentation database, etc. 

When IT-systems are connected and integrated it will be easier to keep track of configuration information in different IT systems and in different life cycle stages of a product. Data about Configuration Items can flow between systems and dependencies and references can be managed.

This is made possible with the use of a common terminology, defined system interfaces and exchange of information based on open information standards.



Incomplete capability

  • No or very insufficient IT-systems integration exist.

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