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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
External organisational interfaces

Incomplete capability

  • No defined external interfaces exist or they are poorly documented. All CM issues are resolved reactively.

  • No or very incomplete requirements are set on supplier's CM.


  • Understand how to define and establish external organisational interfaces.

  • knowledge about what type of requirements that typically could be set on a supplier to achieve adequate CM support in a supplier-aquirer relationship.

Performed capability

  • All interfaces have been identified and to some extent defined and documented as part of the CM plan.

  • Requirements on supplier's CM exists, but they are incomplete or do not provide any real support.

The purpose is to have defined interfaces to customers, suppliers and partners. The interface can concern all means to communicate CM-related issues, such as:

  • System definition and system boundries and how it is mapped against design authority

  • Agreements on which party control specific Configuration Items

  • Change process

  • Joint CCB

  • Data exchange agreements

  • Agreements on how status accounting is preformed

  • Common information repositories

  • Configuration audits

  • Terminology

  • IT interfaces

Managed capability

  • All interfaces are identified and documented to the extent that CM related issues can be managed.

  • Requirements on suppliers's CM are defined and provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

CMplus assets
  • Generic set of requirements for supplier's CM

  • CM-plan template

  • Generic set of requirements for interfacing organisations

  • Templates for formal agreements regarding CM activities

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