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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Process and method for Configuration control

Incomplete capability

  • No documented process or method exists for configuration control

  • Configuration control is not at all performed or is performed in an arbitrary manner.

  • Understanding the purpose and scope of configuration control.

  • Applying the theorietical concept of configuration control to real scenarios, such as current place of work.

Managed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions exists for configuration control, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

  • Configuration control is performed in a structured manner to some degree.

Performed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions for configuration control provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • Configuration control is performed with satisfying results.

Configuration control (or Configuration change management) includes managing changes to the approved product configuration information for a product, using a systematic, traceable process.


Changes must be documented, coordinated, evaluated, dispositioned and approved. The only changes that should be incorporated into a product and its product configuration information are those that have been coordinated with impacted areas of responsibility and approved for incorporation by the appropriate change approval authority.


The configuration control process includes:

  • Identifying the need for a change

  • Defining and documenting impacts of the proposed change

  • Evaluating the proposed change and coordinating it through the approval or disapproval decision

  • Incorporating the change in the product and its related product configuration information

  • Verifying that the change has been incorporated and that the product is consistent with the product configuration information

  • Completing any required follow-up study to identify and correct conditions that led to a need for a variance



CMplus assets
  • Process description for configuration control (change process)

  • Rules for classifying change

  • Template for change request

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