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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Process and method for Configuration audit

Incomplete capability

  • No documented process or method exists for configuration audits.

  • Configuration audits are not at all performed or are performed in an arbitrary manner.

  • Understanding the purpose and scope of configuration audits.

  • Applying the theorietical concept of configuration audits to real scenarios, such as current place of work.

Managed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions exists for configuration audits, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

  • Configuration audits are performed in a structured manner to some degree.

Performed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions for configuration audits provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • Configuration audits are performed with satisfying results.

Configuration Audit is a review of configuration verification records, configuration information, and inspection of physical product typically performed at the conclusion of product development or at the start of production.


Configuration audits typically assure that:

  • The product to be produced will achieve its required performance and its interfaces are valid

  • The product instance being audited is consistent with the product configuration definition information

  • All products and their components are properly and uniquely identified

  • CM processes and procedures are in place to maintain consistency between the product and its product configuration information.


Configuration audits include performance verification (functional configuration audit) and design verification (physical configuration audit). Other types of configuration audits are conducted in various phases of a product lifecycle, such as audits to determine the currently installed configuration of equipment in an operational facility or a vehicle; and audits to assess the quantities and configurations of spare parts in inventory.

CMplus assets
  • Process description for configuration audit

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