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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
CM standards compliance

Incomplete capability

  • No standards selected


  • Become aware of typical CM standards and their content.

  • Understand how CM standards can aid the organisation in the communication of configuration information, both internally and in collaboration with suppliers and other external stakeholders.

Performed capability

  • Standards have been selected but the level of compliance is unclear

Selecting and communicating which standards are taken into consideration and to what extent the organisation is compliant to these standards will result in:

  • A means to communicate internally and externally.

  • A support in setting the scope for CM activities.

  • A point of reference for collaboration with external stakeholders.



Managed capabilty

  • Standards have been selected and compliance is clearly defined

  • The organisation communicates to external stakeholders which standards are used and to what level they are followed

  • The organisation is able to define requirements on configuration management standards for their suppliers

CMplus assets
  • Compliance description for selected standard(s)

  • Application guidelines for selected standard(s)

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