Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
CM competence development assets

Incomplete capability

  • No CM competence development assets exists or are obsolete.

  • Understand the purpose of CM competence development assets and realize the value in making them easily available.

Managed capability

  • CM competence development assets are up to date and visible for all stakeholders.

  • The purpose of each asset is clearly understood and are of use.

Assets that can help the organisation to build up and maintain a good level of CM competence is of great importance. These assets can consist of:

  • Up to date documentation describing the organisation's approach to CM like e.g. CM plans, processes for change handling, methods for assessing a change request, CM handbooks etc.

  • Power point presentations regarding CM

  • Work flows

  • Templates

  • Descriptions of CM systems used for maintaining configurations and/or systems for storing documents

Performed capability

  • CM competence development assets exist but the availability is poor and not kept up to date.

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