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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
Baseline establishment

Incomplete capability

  • No documented process or method exists for establishing baselines

  • Baselines are not at all esatblished or are established in an arbitrary manner.

  • Understanding the concept of baselines and what it implies in general practical working scenarios.

  • Knowledge about how baselines can be identified in relation to project and system lifecycles and to system architectures.

  • Knowledge about what differs a formal baseline from an informal baseline.

Performed capability

  • Process and/or method descriptions exists for establishing baselines, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

  • Baselines are established in a structured manner to some degree.

Managed capability

  • Process and/or method for establishing baselines provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • Baselines are established with satisfying results.

Baselines are the fundamental basis of configuration management. Baselines provide: 

  • a common point of reference to stakeholders needed for their activities.

  • an assurance of the stability and consistency of information

  • a common communication of product definition

  • an instrument for transfer of authority over all or a portion of a product’s definition.


Before any document or data set is considered part of a baseline, it must be reviewed to ensure that the document is complete, valid and suitable for use. A release system/process is employed to validate the document and file integrity.

A process or method to establish baselines must take into account:


  • What baselines are to be established in time (defining baselines agains project and system lifeycycles) as well as in relation to the system architecture (defining baselines against sub-systems, particular system views etc)

  • When and how baselines will be defined

  • The process for assuring integrity of the baseline

  • The authority to formalise baselines and approve baseline changes

  • If and when change authority will transfer an the process by which proposed changes will be dispositioned to affect a particular baseline.

  • How to document the formal establishment decision

  • Activities to review or quality assure the baseline before establishment


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