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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives

Incomplete capability

  • No or very incomplete requirements are set on supplier's CM

  • Recognising the importance of setting requirements on the CM function

  • knowledge about what type of requirements that typically could be set on a supplier to achieve adequate CM support in a supplier-aquirer relationship.

Performed capability

  • Requirements on supplier's CM exists, but they are incomplete or too abstract to provide any real support.

Managed capability

  • Requirements on suppliers's CM are defined and provide support for all concerned stakeholders.

  • General CM requirements to be used for aqusition exists

All aquire-supplier relationships involve aspects having to do with configuration management, aspects such as:

  • system definition and system boundries

  • configuration items

  • design authority

  • processes and methods for status accounting and configuration control across organisations

  • common baselines and basline establishment

  • aquirers configuration audits

  • terminology

  • Information models and structured information exchange

  • IT-interfaces


In a general sense, all components in the CMplus capability model have reason to be analysed in an aquire-supplier scenario. For configuration management to efficiently support the aquire-supplier relationship, requirements on the CM function is necessary. Requirements on configuration management can be defined as a subset of requirements on project management or system engineering.


Contracting CM
CMplus assets
  • Generic set of requirements for supplier's CM

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