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Purpose & Scope
Learning objectives
CM competence development

Incomplete capability

  • CM competence exists but is not managed or developed in any controlled fashion.

  • Being aware of the scope of CM competence development

  • Understanding the need of CM competence for different roles in the organisation.

Performed capability

  • CM competence is partly developed and maintained but not in accordance with a strategic CM competence plan.

Managed capability

  • CM competence is developed and maintained on individual as well as organisational level meeting the business needs.

Competence development must be performed both on an individual and organisational level. This includes:

  • Evaluation of individual competence levels.

  • Training of people to meet a desired competence level.

  • Strategic competence planning.


The following roles usually requires CM competence:

  • Configuration Manager

  • Project Manager

  • System Engineer

  • Product Manager

  • Speciality Engineer

  • Requirements Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • ILS Manager

CMplus assets
  • CM competence descriptions supporting defined roles

  • Tutorials, handbooks and training material

  • CM competence register (experiences and formal training)

  • CM competence level indicators

  • Strategic CM competence plan

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